A diamond trip to counter attack

About 3.2 billion years ago, with the formation of the continent, I was born in the hundreds of kilometers below the surface of the earth, at a temperature of 50,000 times the normal atmospheric pressure, and the temperature above 1, 300 degrees centigrade. At that time I was not called a diamond, and I called it "a unique single crystal structure".

The secular

The ancient prospectors did nothing but look for diamonds with their eyes. Nowadays, diamond prospecting professionals from natural wilderness, throughout the planet's most remote regions and is almost impossible to reach, the barren desert from South America to the frozen arctic tundra, driving force for me. Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide women earring on seales.


The excavators, on the ground, under the earth, in the orbit of the ancient river, below the coast, under the sea, and under the frozen lake, were mined in the form of local cooperation on two continents for four centuries. Finally succeeded in showing my beauty all over the world.

The screening of diamonds as a rigorous science is also an art. It takes years of experience and skilled eye training, and with the help of the latest diamond screening techniques to determine the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of each blank stone. My family members have over 12,000 different categories, each unique. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through earring manufacturer china.

Only diamonds can be used to cut diamonds. There is no chance of any redevelopment of friction with the partner. The cutter finally chooses what shape (round, princess, emerald, pear, heart, horse, oval, and rectangle). There is no chance of any return. A perfectly proportionally bright cut diamond has 58 independent facets.


The methods of polishing have been around for hundreds of years. This last process will bring me life. Let me have the opportunity of the present, the beautiful appearance, the deep connotation and then the perfect presence in front of you.


The end of the diamond journey is another source of joy. We represent romance, commitment, passion and constant love. There are so many people in the world that we speak out of words. Choose us for a long time with you. This is our greatest gift to you and your greatest blessing.. If you need more information, please click Silver charm bracelet wholesale.