A few myths about jewelry buyers

Myth 1: buying jewelry from a place of origin is a good deal
Precious jewelry is not a tourist souvenir. The travel shopping is neither a goodwill guarantee nor an inconvenient one. It is recommended that non-professionals do not buy valuable jewelry in the so-called place of origin.
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Myth no. 2: expensive jewelry is promoted and bought

In jewelry, jewelry for center of gravity, resource scarcity, the value are not the so-called sale seasons, the old one, even change, renovation, to customize the operating costs of loss is insignificant. The prices and discount rates of regular and professional jewelers are relatively stable. When you see those ultra-low discounts, such as a discount and a two-fold sale of jewelry, go away. Cheap and not good, good goods are not cheap, this is in the jewelry, the jade world, almost the iron law.

Myth no 3: all jewelry adds value
"Buy pure gold jewelry, add value, and save money," says the shopper at the store. In fact, gold jewelry is not the same as gold, and there is a lot of work, burning, transaction costs, profit and brand value on top of gold. Jewelry, by contrast, is much more valuable than precious metal jewellery. It is more important to wear ornaments, beautify the life and carry on the emotions than the value of jewelry.
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Myth no. 4: believe you can

Most consumers do not know the true value of various pieces of jewelry, nor do they have the ability to tell the difference. Pick up cheap psychology, easy to be used by bad businessman, sell inferior quality goods at low price even the ornament that cheat. Buy valuable jewelry, the real price is the most important. So be sure to have good faith, good reputation and reasonable price.

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