What kind of earrings do you have for your face?

It can be a good pose beautiful summer Da ~ want to shape concave good enough, not suitable for the earrings to the finishing touch is not a pity?  Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through women earring on seales.

Hair style can be modified face, everyone knows, in fact, earrings can also Oh, the choice of earrings can make up for facial defects, so that the face looks more perfect, styling UP! What Earrings do you wear for your face? 

Square face
Most Asians are not three-dimensional features, square face for babies the damage index is very high, no one will be a rough man feeling, facial lines too tough so prominent, clear lines, geometric shaped earrings rigid is not suitable for face beauty, is the best choice of circular, strip or crimp lines earrings to soften facial lines.
The round shape nicely neutralizes the outline of the square face.  Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Gold plated rings for women.
Long face
The long face is narrower on both sides of the vision, and it is longer and longer, and the middle part is narrow. This kind of face and cheeks are thin, and the facial muscles are not full enough. It is easy to appear lack of vitality and lack of spirit. It's important to choose a circle, a oversized shape or a flower stud to widen the face shape and shorten the face ratio.
Flower Stud Earrings for the whole person
Added sweetness and vitality.
Simple atmospheric Round Earrings make temperament
Promoted a lot, but also modified the face
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