Jewelry classification 5

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  • Release on :2017-08-08
21.Jet:  jet is a variant of lignite (the main component is carbon, and hydrogen and oxygen). It is composed of floating wood by compaction and settlement, drift to the bottom of the sea, into fine silt buried, then turned into hard shale, known as the "jet rock" jet is biogenic. Gagate amorphous, rough surfaces are dark luster, the polished surface is shiny glass.

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22.Tortoiseshell: tortoiseshell is amorphous, with oily luster to waxy luster, hardness of 2.5.

23. Synthetic corundum: artificial material with the same basic physical, optical and chemical properties as compared to natural corundum.

24. Synthetic gemstones: synthetic gemstones with the same basic physical, optical and chemical properties as opposed to natural gemstones. Synthetic gem types including synthetic rutile, strontium titanate, yttrium aluminum garnet, gallium garnet, rolling synthesis of Cubic Zircon, synthetic sapphire, spinel, synthesis of rutile, synthetic, synthetic diamond, synthetic emerald, synthetic opal, synthetic quartz.

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25. Double stone: also known as composite stone, which is a kind of two different materials bonded by the precious stones. The stones are classified according to the properties of the materials used during bonding. A pair of stone types of garnet and glass composite stone, opal, emerald substitute substitute, Star Sapphire and diamond substitute substitute, other kinds of artificial stone composite stone.

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