What should you pay attention to in summer? 2

Summer heat, the person knows regular contact with the sun, the skin also can sweat a lot of sweat, wear the jewelry to need to pay extra attention, careful maintenance. So what should you pay attention to in summer? Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide new style Jewelry on sale.
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Wearing 3 to 5 days, with very hot water a cup, put the jewelry in the cup out after 5 to 6 seconds, pour a drop of detergent, and then take a neutral toothbrush brush (blanching it again), brush back and forth, dry, reoccupy water rinse several times are suitable for all kinds of gold and silver jewelry.

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As the ring is worn, it will be as bright as a new one in the jewelry store.

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Summer is hot, so when wearing jewelry, should look at the elegant and transparent to give priority to, try to give a person to relieve smooth and cool effect. Therefore, the color of the gold jewelry worn by the wearer is cool and understated, not to wear dazzling jewelry, so as to avoid the intense visual pressure.

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In the summer, dress less, wear appropriate pieces of jewelry at the appropriate time to wear jewelry, do not choose the three-piece, four-piece jewelry. And the choice of style is concise, small and exquisite, not suitable to wear big elaborate or gorgeous jewelry.

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Summer human sweat secrete much, easy to cause corrosion damage to the jewelry, appropriate to choose antioxidant, anti-corrosive strong jewelry. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through 2017 style Jewelry on sale.

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Jewelry, although can add beauty, but not suitable for day and night to wear for a long time, because of the tight jewelry such as rings influence normal body blood circulation, so for a long time, will cause the fingers body organs such as numbness, swelling, pain, and even death.

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The main ingredient of coral is calcium carbonate, which is sour in sweat, and the coral has a low hardness and is prone to chemical reactions. Malachite is a base carbonate, and it is also afraid of sweat. Most of the carbonated jewelry is afraid of the erosion of sweat.

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The hardness of turquoise is also relatively low, it is easy to wear out, because of chemical instability, the acid will dissolve. After a long period of exposure and sweat, the turquoise color changes. Turquoise also has the ability to absorb water, can absorb oil, so when applying sunblock, skin creams and other cosmetics, don't wear turquoise jewelry.

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Jewelry cannot be exposed to sweat and can not be used as playthings. When you touch a gem, the oil and sweat on your hands can easily stick to the gem, thus affecting the gloss of the gem.

Wear jewelry in the summer to pay attention to these, make the jewelry glow, also make you full of confidence! If you need more information, please click OEM Copper alloy jewelry supplier.