What is the production process of jewelry?

The first step: design drawings designers will first draw on the paper to draw a new draft works, with pencil, gouache to complete the design drawings. This process is rarely a few days and a half months, as many months a section was stereotypes. 

The second step: hand carved wax version (computer CAD version) artisan reference design drawings hand carved wax version, which is the jewelry production process requires the highest process, the wax version must be smooth and clean, the various parts of a reasonable structure, The size of the inlaid gem is accurate. (This process to see the complexity of a day or two days, more than a few days) This is a fine live, with the development of science and technology, hand-made Fashion jewelry wholesale in china from now less and less, most of the computer CAD software drawing. But for some special shape or animal modeling jewelry, or will choose a good master hand carved wax version. After all, there is a feeling of carving out!

The third step: pour the ancient lost wax casting method, the wax made 18K ring. If it is mass production, then it will be made in front of the silver plate into a plastic film, mass production wax mold! But for customization, each piece of goods only do one, so, directly into the inverted process, the first kind of wax tree.
1. Wax tree Each wax ring alone hand welding to a wax stick, and ultimately get a tree like a tree tree, ready to cast. 

2. Gypsum will be a good kind of wax tree with the chassis together with stainless steel tube, and the corresponding weight of the gypsum slurry along the inner wall of the cylinder slowly injected, no wax tree, vacuum after the natural place 6-12 hours, so that gypsum solidification.

3. Baking gypsum The gypsum mold is baked, the role is dewaxing, drying and casting insulation.

4. Cast out the baked gypsum mold and prepare the metal solution to be cast at the same time. Will have been melted with a good gold water, from the nozzle into. 

5. Gypsum mold frying and cleaning Casting after the gypsum mold in a high temperature state, removed from the casting machine after the natural place 10-30 minutes, and then into the cold water for frying. Gypsum as a result of the contraction of the burst, remove the gold tree, with a steel brush to large chisel, into 30% of hydrofluoric acid soak for 10 minutes, after the folder washed, remove the remaining gypsum, until the golden tree surface clean.

6. cut the casting of Gold plated rings for women will be cut along the bottom of the mouth to dry. 

The fourth step: all the molds to manually carry out, with a special calendering knife in the jewelry surface to push back and forth, the process requires a certain technology and techniques.

Step 5: with stone According to the new style Jewelry on sale, the diamond or gem manual sorting, pick out the appropriate color, cutting, size matching, ready to mosaic.

Step 6: Inlaid precious stones hand inlaid with every piece of diamonds and precious stones. Micro-inlay, this is a technical live, in a few times magnifying glass under the gem! 

Step 7: Polishing, gold on the metal surface and the details of the parts to do further polishing, some jewelry need to surface gold treatment, to make the surface more smooth!

Step 8: quality inspection done on the jewelry to check, failed to return to the previous process and then re-production.

The above is just a show jewelry production process in some important aspects, in fact, there are many processes yet. Do jewelry customization is not pinching mud, today orders, tomorrow want to ship. Waiting slowly, will come out a perfect work.