Earrings, more stress than the dress

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-10-13
Earrings are a woman's face like a star-like embellishment, small earrings exquisite exquisite, large earrings swaying, always when necessary, accompanied by night or dawn Yingying fell on the face, illuminated or dark or clear years, fans Earrings, fans are not only its chic and the modification of the face, but also because it intentionally or unintentionally decorated, added a bit style, even frown
, But also worry about the enchanting, if joy, will be shining bright as bright. 

Earrings with the secret
A pair of earrings, to be able to do with the face color type, clothes and occasions complement each other. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide 2017 style Jewelry on sale.

Square face type:
Suitable for wearing round oval or curled line earrings, these curly rounded earrings can cushion the edges and corners of the square face. 

Round face type:
Round face girl is more suitable for wearing a corner, "the" shape of the blade-shaped or pointed earrings, these angular earrings can create a sense of slender, people look delicate and rounded outside the little spirit. 
Heart-shaped face:
Suitable for wearing triangular or large round earrings, so face and earrings seem coordinated. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through earring manufacturer china.

Slender face:
Wearing a button-type flower-type earrings can modify the proportion of the face, so that the length of the face lines have Shoulong. 

Triangle face:
Suitable for wearing a narrow width of the earrings, such as heart-shaped pear-shaped or this year's most popular star beaded earrings, they can make the tip of the next look taller, but also look exquisite chic.
Egg-shaped face or oval face:

This face can be arbitrary to wear any shape and style of earrings, as long as the occasion and clothing with attention to what, how to wear will not go wrong.

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