different feature match different jewelry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-19
How to choose the style and shape of the jewelry to match the face, so that the face is bright and attractive because of the makeup of the jewelry? The most important principle is: the shape of the jewelry avoids repeating your face, nor be the opposite of the face.

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For the standard oval face,Because, the chin of the girl's oval face are sharp, they are suitable for wearing smaller earrings or pendants which the upper part should be smaller than the lower part.The necklace that can produce round effect.

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For people with round faces, they are more suitable for rectangular, drop-shaped earrings and pendants. Because of these shapes, you can make your face look longer. People with a round face can also use long necklaces to create a V-effect and lengthen facial lines.

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People who face too long can wear horizontally designed jewelry, such as round or square, and they can skillfully increase the width of the face. Shorter necklaces are more suitable for them, like traditional pearl necklaces and gemstone necklaces.

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The square face is suitable for the vertical arc shape design. The necklace and pendant must be longer than the clavicle.

People with regular triangle face, they are more suitable for earrings or pendants which the upper part should be smaller than the lower part.