Gems must have the following characteristics

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  • Release on :2017-07-13
"Beauty", that is gorgeous, glittering and translucent, dazzling. If a gem is not beautiful, it cannot be a gem. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Fashion costume metal belt supplier.
Gilma jewelry
Or is transparent and clean, or with special optical effect (such as color, cat's eye, luminous phenomenon), or with special patterns (such as chrysanthemum stone, agate, jade plum etc.). For example, as for diamond, transparent little blemish can be used to think about the diamond which is famous, and the poor transparency, the perfect color and the black color can only be used as industrial raw materials.

Jewelry (craft)
"Long", that is, hard texture, wear resistance, can be durable. Because of the high value of gemstones, one must expect it to be durable, endurable, and even hereditary. Diamonds have become the most expensive gems, one of the reasons is that it is the world's most hard, and corrosive, precious stones, old on valuable stone for some high hardness and corrosion resistance of silicate minerals (such as jade), a few oxides (such as ruby, Blaupunkt stone) and elemental minerals (such as diamond) however, soft and susceptible to corrosion gems (such as jade and Nan Fangyu) value is low, often used to make crafts, in order to win; but there are a few gems not listed here, such as opal, pearl.

that is, less yield. Rare earth, rare emeralds, superior quality per carat (0.2 grams) value of tens of thousands of dollars, and some can be quite beautiful and "long" gems (such as amethyst), due to higher yield, mining is easy, the price is relatively low. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide new style Jewelry on sale.

Some of the most common rocks are beautiful and durable after being considered, but they can not be part of a large family of gems. The reason is that things are easy to get rid of.

Jewelry  generally includes: natural jewelry, jade (natural stones, natural jade, natural organic gemstones)

Artificial gems (artificial gems, recycled stones, laminated gems, synthetic gemstones).

There are also precious metals used for jewelry: gold, silver, platinum, palladium. For more information, please click belt wholesales in china.