Young consumers, weddings, and self-purchasing markets are expected to drive demand for platinum jew

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  • Release on :2018-06-04
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Recently, the International Platinum Guild PGI® announced the main findings of the 2017 “Platinum Jewelry Annual Business Review”. The report shows that the development trends of the three markets of young consumers, weddings and self-purchase will make a significant contribution to the growth of demand for platinum jewelry in 2018. . The survey report compiled by independent platinum market experts and industry analysts also showed that in 2017, the US, Japan and India experienced strong growth in retail sales of platinum jewellery, and even surpassed gold jewelry in some areas.

“We see three growth rates in the four core consumer markets for global platinum jewelry that are higher than the overall jewellery market level in 2017. This trend is consistent with a robust global economy and history,” said Tang Yicheng, CEO of PGI Global, Platinum Guild International. The low price of sexual platinum and young consumers’ growing preference for platinum jewelry are also indicative of the potential for platinum jewelry to grow in 2018.”

Love Metal Platinum becomes the first choice for modern young consumers 

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India has now become the driving force behind the growth of platinum jewelry worldwide. Despite continuing challenges faced by new regulations, sales of platinum jewellery retailers promoted in the Platinum Guild International PGI® project still grew by as much as 21% year-on-year, and factory production increased by up to 34% year-on-year. Compared with the data of the World Gold Council, demand for gold jewelry increased by only 14% year-on-year.

Young consumers' strong preference for platinum jewelry has become one of the most important factors in the growth of demand for platinum jewelry in India. For the younger generation of consumers in India, the Platinum International Association PGI® creates a uniquely different position for gold from platinum - starting from the preference of contemporary young couples for metal jewelry, platinum can better convey modern and equal love. Views become an essential bond of love in the relationship between husband and wife. Through the successful launch of a series of marketing campaigns for Platinum Days of Love, platinum has become the first choice for young Indian consumers to choose love metals.

Young Chinese consumers have been the main players in platinum consumption. Last year, the PGI International Platinum Guild invited Yang Yang, a popular star of the country, to serve as the platinum spokesperson. It not only succeeded in attracting Millennials' attention, but also gave the platinum brand a brand-new image and made platinum more popular with more people.

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