Women Suit with each waist accessories

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-23
Solid color suit with belt

Solid-colored suit with a simple thin belt is also a good choice, but low-key but also able to show body type, more suitable for the workplace baby. Classic black and white with a full range of big children.

In addition to black and white ash, this year, many colorful suit suits are also popular, instantly breaking the dull sense of the past, with a simple belt and the other body echo each other, test your skills and skills Oh.

defined waist suit with belt

Because of the advantage of getting a belt to the waist, many designers will directly add a belt and waistband to the suit, which looks more overall and coordinated, and at the same time has the femininity of the belt. Knots of various belts can also make you more fashionable.

Suit with waist seal

Concerned about the fashion of the baby must have discovered that in recent years the prevalence of retro style, many single products are re-boarded on the stage of fashion, such as the girdle in the palace, this type of underwear wearing a personal character is a good tool for concave shape.

Suit with waist bag

A good shape in addition to the matching of clothing, and ultimately, the embellishment of the bag accessories. This year, the most popular bag is the boss with a range of pockets, both waist and waist effect, but also with the feeling of money, and travel is very convenient and easy, more importantly, this year is popular!

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