Why not recommend buying jewelry to tourist attractions

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-25
With the advent of 2018, the tourist season has officially arrived. Travelers often encounter in the tourist attractions to buy jewelry, often travelers do not know the true and false and the price of jewelry, just think cheap to buy at origin, to remind everyone to pay attention, and you may not necessarily buy jewelry The value, we must pay attention to these points!
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1. To be true
Tourist jewelry enough to buy, many people were found false. Some labels are found in the country of origin jewelry is much cheaper to buy, and are equipped with identification certificate, really have such good things?
In general, there are 2 kinds of certificates for foreign shopping points
The first is fake certificates, but this is rare.
The second is the most common, and most easily convincing, true English certificate.
For example, many people buy emerald, certificate "Synthetic Emerald" is actually "synthetic emerald"; some more terrible, the certificate is "Nature emerald", Note: After injection, glass injection, colored oil Emery filled with other processing, but also the value is not high.

2. Shoddy
Travelers must have been to the tourist attractions jewelry store, right? Emerald, gems, crystal, etc., can you buy are natural gem it? If it is not "professionals + golden eyes", in the tourist area is difficult to buy natural jewelry, mostly synthetic, filling or beryllium diffusion jewelry. Traders in marketing, will be accompanied by special lights, so you can not see clearly the true face of jewelry.

3. On-site processing 
Many of the tourists with the group are certainly not unfamiliar with a scene - in a small workshop, workers are carefully polished, next to the sale of different styles of finished products. They will tell you, because it is a family workshop, no extra costs, puerile, the price is very affordable. Coupled with your own eyes to see the production process, doubling the trust, right? But did you realize that family workshops really will be cheaper? According to reports, each piece of jewelry is required to go through a lot of procedures to complete. Various aspects of supporting and division of labor, the cluster associated production can reduce production costs. Besides, the division of labor in modern factories is getting smaller and smaller, and it is very difficult for single-family workshops to adapt to market survival. It is possible to sell jewelry in small workshops are wholesale back.Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through earring manufacturer china.

4. Origin advantages   
Attracting tourists to buy the biggest reason, I am afraid that is the advantages of origin, and people usually think that the products purchased in the country of origin is cheap and good quality, so tourists will have the intention to buy specialty products. However, the origin is really the most important factor affecting prices? Production Department as poly-office, generally seen in the place of origin jewelry is only the most primitive state, need to go through multiple processes will become exquisite jewelry, and then shipped to the distribution center wholesale. Visitors just passing by, how can we get access to the local real natural jewelry wholesale market? The illusion of origin is only one way to lure you into the trap.

5.No complaints
Buying jewelry at a tourist destination may also face "no complaints". Who will buy thousands of thousands of pieces of counterfeit goods, and then spend tens of thousands of dollars far to find that profiteers to discuss, not to mention a foreign country, you do not know where to start. This is hard to solve!We Melanxuan Fashion costume metal belt supplier would be an excellent choice because they add the perfect life experience to your outfit.

Above five points must be noted, do not be fooled! Heartfelt reminder that we must go to the formal jewelry shop to buy jewelry, to avoid unnecessary losses, had a pleasant holiday!