Which varieties of pearls have high value?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-17
Pearl has always been a favorite gem for people. High-gloss pearls are more beautiful. The classification of pearl is also very much, but it is distinguished from different aspects. Today, we compare and contrast these different aspects Pearl in the end who is strong who is weak.Meilanxuan Jewelry wholesales on line create beauty.

1.color distinction: white pearl and colored pearl
Pearl's color is rich and colorful, is numerous, so far the reason for the formation of pearl color is controversial, and has not yet formed a unified conclusion. Today, the pearl color is more common in the market is white, in Xiaobian childhood impression, the pearl is white. Colored pearl is relatively rare, faint for your valuables, natural colored pearl is more valuable than the white pearl.

2. Forming reasons to distinguish: natural pearl and cultured pearl
Farming pearl naturally Needless to say, is the artificial breeding of pearls, usually inserted and non-nuclear seed culture of these two, but the artificial breeding technology has always been less perfect, the quality of cultured pearl products is certainly not natural Pearl is good. The formation of natural pearls is more demanding conditions, the general production is relatively scarce, so the value of natural pearls is high.Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide new style Jewelry on sale.

3. From the origin to distinguish: seawater pearl and freshwater pearl
Usually, many people will think freshwater pearls are cultured pearl, but they are not natural pearl freshwater. The contrast between freshwater and seawater is undoubtedly the natural value of seawater pearl is relatively high, because the natural exploitation of seawater pearl is more difficult than the fresh water, especially the exploitation of deep-sea pearl more difficult , Which makes the value of deep-sea pearl gradually increased.

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