What kind of clothes with a belt will have a pleasant effect by Fashion jewelry wholesale in china

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-28
Every time the temperature drops, there are more and more items on the body. It is the time to test the skill and strength. However, many babies always wear full-body clothes, ignoring the little accessories, and knowing that it is a good thing. Accessories can not only become the finishing touch to your body shape but also can add points to your fashion index! There is such an accessory, it can make you have a perfect figure in the winter, and it is very wild!

That is the belt! If a woman does not have several belts, her style will be greatly reduced! Let's take a look at what clothes look good with a belt!

Windbreaker + belt

I heard that the khaki-colored trench coat is the most temperamental single item. Every woman should use one, with her own intellectual and elegant style. The windbreaker worn by everybody, with a fine belt of the same color, will instantly come to the fore and be different! Gives the overall appearance a touch of sleek masculinity!

Sweater + belt

How can you forget a gentle sweater in autumn and winter, but the shape of the sweater is the most difficult to master! You can use a belt to let you control lazy children and have a good body.

Suit + belt

The suit has long been no longer exclusive to men. Women in suits are more handsome than men! But to avoid being too formal and serious, a variety of collocation laws emerge one after another, a belt can easily help you break the dull suit!

hoodie + belt

The most popular Oversize sweater this year, with a belt, instantly exhibit a completely different sense of fashion!

leather clothing + belt

Leather clothing with a belt, not only retains the competent and handsome leather, but also a bit more feminine! Choosing leather belts or matching them with your own clothes is a good choice.

jacket + belt

Of course the jacket with a handsome belt will not be too abrupt, a long rivet black belt, a natural vertical, with the bohemian and suit jacket.

Down Jacket + Belt

Who says that down jackets are so stupid and bad to wear? Relaxed down jacket, with a belt, easy to solve your little troubles!

Fur + Belt

Fur is a new trend this year, but fur is the most difficult to manage. Avoid wearing bears and using a waist to bring thin is essential.

Shirt + belt

Print shirts make you turn your head back. Adding a new one to enhance your highlights is a good time to show off your matchmaking skills.

Shawl + belt

The method of wearing the shawl into the belt is very novel. To use a variety of accessories and single items in order to be stylish, it is fashionable!

Dress + Belt

The chubby girls wear dresses and must choose a slightly waisted style or wear a belt to be slimmer.