What is the meaning of blue crystal?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-03
Blue crystal refers to crystals that contain blue inclusions and appear blue. In fact, "blue crystal" is not a standard "blue", but close to blue-green, so often appear "blue crystal is not blue crystal" controversy. Therefore, the blue crystals that really appear blue are quite rare.

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Blue symbolizes innocence and melancholy, while blue crystal symbolizes purity. Many girls like to buy a blue crystal for their gay friends.

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Blue crystal symbolizes the sea and can release the sea's magnetic field, purify the mind, and relieve stress.

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Westerners even think that Blue Crystal is a symbol of wealth and devotion, as well as a symbol of courage and wisdom.

So wearing blue crystal means that you want to become powerful and brave. Giving blue crystal to friends means that you want to have friendship with them forever. Giving blue crystal to your lover means love and protection.

Blue crystal bracelet how to identify

The first is the identification of color, the color of aquamarine is relatively light sea blue, pay attention to the difference with the sky blue, there is a feeling of transparency and not blue, which is the characteristics of aquamarine; In addition, in the crystal, the crystal inside Flock-like inclusions are dominant, unlike other colored sapphire-like gems. These are the identifications of real natural stones.

In addition, the identification of aquamarine is necessary to have some specific methods: General to the sapphire put under a magnifying glass can not clearly see the obvious dispersion, which is also its characteristics. In addition, the purchase of Aquamarine should not be different from other crystal types, and it is sufficient to distinguish color, transparency and size from weight.