What is the classification of jewelry

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  • Release on :2018-03-01
In general, jewelry can be classified in terms of craftsmanship, materials, use, style, etc.:

(1) not the same as the production of jewelry: According to the processing of jewelry or metallurgical processes vary, jewelry can be divided into, such as casting jewelry, stamping jewelry, filigree jewelry and inlaid jewelry. To gold, silver and other metal or other hard materials for the tire, inlaid with a variety of precious stones jewelry called inlaid jewelry. To gold, silver and other materials drawn into filaments, welded into various patterns and gemstones made of jewelry called filigree or tired silk jewelry, because the effect of elegant and more expensive for the old court production, it is also known as Court jewelry. Still others are pieces of jewelry that are mass-produced in caster and punch presses and can be called cast and stamped jewelery or mechanical jewelery.Shenzhen MelLanXuan Costume Jewelry is a Silver charm bracelet manufacturer china

(2) Different materials of jewelry: According to the different jewelry materials, jewelry can be divided into gold and silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, pearl jewelry artificial jewelry made of artificial jewelry, etc., the general level of jewelry is also based on the jewelry material used To divide.Shenzhen MelLanXuan Costume Jewelry have provided many kinds of 925 silver jewelry manufacturer chin

(3) Different uses of jewelry: According to the different uses of jewelry, jewelry is divided into hedge jewelry, gift jewelry, decorative jewelry (such as fashion jewelry) and commemorative jewelry (such as the wedding ring).

(4) different wearers jewelry: According to the different gender of jewelry wearers, jewelry can be divided into male jewelry and women's jewelry. Traditionally, men's jewelry is characterized by bold, bold style and feminine jewelry featuring silky, delicate, stylistic sophistication. And now the orientation of neutral jewelry has become fashionable, women's jewelry men's clothing to highlight the femininity, femininity of men's jewelry to reflect the gentleness of men, these and the trend of the times are co-production. According to the wearer's age, jewelry can also be divided into children's jewelry, youth jewelry, middle-aged jewelry and jewelry and other elderly.

(5) different parts of the jewelry worn: According to the jewelry worn in different parts, can be divided into headdresses, items decorated, jewelry, pectoral, waist ornaments, foot ornaments and so on.

(6) Jewelry of Different Nationalities: From the perspective of the world, we have formed various kinds of jewelry with different regional or ethnic characteristics due to the different customs and traditions of different regions and ethnic groups, such as traditional Chinese jewelry , Arabian jewelry, Italian jewelry, Anglo-American jewelry, French jewelry, Russian jewelry, Japanese jewelry, African jewelry.

(7) Different styles and different wearing law jewelry: According to the different styles of jewelry and wearing, we can divide the jewelry into rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, cufflinks, pins, hair clips, , Foot ring and so on and some more difficult to name the headdress, jewelry, arm ornaments, foot ornaments, pectoral, Yaoshi and daily practical decorative jewelry such as watches, pens, lighters and so on.

(8) different styles of jewelry: We can jewelry according to the intention of the designer will be divided into commercial jewelry and art jewelry in these two categories. However, according to the design of the genre can be divided into classical style jewelry, natural style jewelry, romantic style jewelry and innovative style jewelry.

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