What can I do if the bracelet cannot be taken?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-15

Why does this happen?

1. Wearing the bracelet for a long time without paying attention to the maintenance causes the bracelet to be eroded by sweat and dust. The surface is not as smooth as before, and the friction with the skin becomes large. This leads to a situation that the bracelet cannot be taken out.

2.  People gains weight causes the wrist to become thicker or the temperature of the weather. Thermal expansion and contraction can cause the wrist to become rough and the bracelet cannot be taken.

3. It is also a reason why the method of picking up the bracelet is incorrect to cause the problem.

4. The size of the bracelet does not match the shape of the hand.But it happened to wear it in,and then you can't take it anymore.

Four methods


If the reason is the wrist swelling. First,you can lie down and slow down your heartbeat,and raise your hand to let the blood flow down.When you hand reduces swelling,you can take it off. But don't be too anxious,  you should wipe the wet soapy water on the wrist and slowly push the bracelet along the direction of your wrist. Be careful not to catch the stacked skin and use excessive force.

2.Use fresh bags

Use a fresh bag which is small friction to remove the bracelet. Put the fresh bags through the bracelet on the wrist, and then gently push the bracelet out, and you can easily remove the bracelet.

3.Rope method

Put your thumb on the palm of your hand, then tie the rope from your finger to the place where you weared the bracelet.But the importance is dense. Then pass the head of the rope from under the bracelet,and use the rope to push the bracelet and wrap it around.You also can add little liquid soap or lotion to help remove the bracelet.

4.The final way

If this three methods don't work.You can find firemen to help,haha!

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