What brand is Apm?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-09
Perhaps most people know that Swarovski and Pandora are two brands, and Apm knows nothing about it. Apm, also known as Apm Monaco, was founded in 1982 by Ariane Prette. The heritage of 30 years of craftsmanship has made the brand very popular in the jewelry industry(Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer).

Apm Monaco is one of France's largest niche brands. Whether it is the stars or fashionistas who are eagerly sought after, even if they wear luxurious clothes, they can see APM from them. The Apm Monaco jewelry is modern and reveals an elegant Monaco atmosphere. The design was inspired by the pleasant attitude of life in Monaco and southern France.

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If you think that Cartier and Tiffany are too luxurious and Davis look and Pandora are not personality enough, then this light luxury brand Apm Monaco can definitely be your first choice! Its material selection is mainly based on gold and silver texture, inlaid with various high-grade jewelry designs, creating an elegant, luxurious atmosphere.

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Shakespeare said that "jewels are silent but they can move women more than any other language." Nothing can embody the taste of a woman better than an exquisite piece of jewelry. Apm Monaco's light luxury brand is best for Petty. With exquisite workmanship and various styles, Apm is sure to be the next accessory in your jewelry box.

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