What are the 3 most fashionable fashion items?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-06-05

1, brooch

The brooch broke the boring atmosphere and returned with a large size. Inlaid with gemstones and Aumet metal material, showing different shapes, with flowers, teardrops and interesting shapes. Especially the design of animal themes is particularly eye-catching, creating a new vision for dresses or popular clothing. 

The area to wear can be in the jacket lapel, the first button on the top, or the shoulder to achieve maximum visual effects. 

2, collar
The collar is full of a sense of structure, from a bold alloy breastplate to a decorative oversized collar that embodies this style and shows a distinct personality. The arc-shaped necklace of gold and silver composition with architectural details is featured on patterned clothes. 

The jewel's craftsmanship makes it even more perfect. No matter what the dress is, the lace collar with a large beading adds a strong retro feel. 

3, tassels
The tassels of tassels and dark hardware decorating links can present different bright colors for use in earrings and long and short necklaces. 

The dark and light shades of gems tone and monochrome surfaces are also very popular.