WeChat sweep code sent silver jewelry? Activities are fake, silver is fake also!

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-17

Some time ago, WeChat circle of friends crazy pass a message: "Lao Fengxiang Thanksgiving feedback, as long as the scan QR code, and mass pictures to WeChat friends, you can get 288 yuan silver, of course, customers need to pay 16 to 28 yuan postage. "The news spread rapidly, so that the general public with impulsive heart, especially young women. As a fashion costume jewelry manufacturer, Meilan Xuan believes that with the brand of jewelry, there is no need to promote marketing.

Is this activity real?

With this problem, the reporter came to Lao Fengxiang store to visit, the store manager told reporters that such information is fake, the store has never done such an event. Brand silverware are exquisite workmanship, with the brand logo and other formal logo. A few days ago, customers with this type of jewelry received at night to the store to identify, the staff found that there is no formal logo jewelry, but also rough work. After the experiment, staff found that customers receive the silver on the Internet after the roasted black bubbles, and the real silver is not discolored. This, Meilanxuan jewelry manufacturing company said that the real silver does not change after the fire color . 925 silver jewelry wholesales products have completed the test, the appearance and quality have not changed.

After a reporter's visit 

We can confirm that the event actually sold defective products in disguise, and the police have already received several similar alarms. So in everyday life, encountered a similar time, how should we prevent being deceived?

Meilanxuan Fashion jewelry wholesale remind everyone should pay attention to the contents and pictures in the face of false propaganda, we must not seek covet cheap, do not give the criminals can take advantage of the opportunity. If found to be cheated, keep the evidence as soon as possible and call the police in time.