Valentine's Day Jewelery Festival

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-02-06
  February 15 hearing, Valentine's Day, all businesses take advantage of festive atmosphere to play marketing card. On the 14th, the reporter visited a number of commercial supermarkets in the urban area to understand that the sales of diamonds, gold and jade wares are on the rise. The average sales volume has increased by 30%. The gold and silver Fashion necklaces for women with the price of 3000-5000 yuan has been the most popular. Apart from the fashionable young couple, Middle-aged couples come to buy, they value jewelry more value-added space.
  On the 14th, the reporter saw at the Macao Lotto Shopping Center that the jewelery area of ​​the jewelery was full of people. Each showcase had several paired citizens who were busy buying the pendants, Fashion popular women earring, bracelets and pendants in different styles. Rose In order to attract consumers, merchants resorted to every means of launching a variety of promotional activities, diamond jewelry, mosaic jewelry 5.5 discount to 8.7 discount, full gold gold jewelry price fluctuations of 30 yuan / gram, and some businesses are also introduced Over 1,000 yuan to send 100 vouchers activities.
  "The most popular diamond ring of less than 10,000 yuan, especially the weight of 10 points to 30 points (0.3 kt), the price of 3,000 to 5,000 yuan in the middle and low diamond rings, selling the most fire." Ms. Sun, a certain brand of jewelery marketer at Delo-Shopping Mall, said today's event is priced at 7-7.8% off, with some discounted items at 5.5% off. For example, a diamond ring of 12 heavy platinum rings, After folding the price is only 3570 yuan, the price is very high, sold five or six in the morning.

  During the interview, a young couple is picking diamond rings. "Gold, jade bracelet is too old, and we intend to choose a diamond ring and a Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry, Brin Ling more attractive, the price is also favorable." Ms. Zhang said among them, they clarity, color, weight, turner And other requirements are not high, but compared to the tedious drilling style, she prefers a simple and generous diamond, although the price is more expensive, but can be reserved for a lifetime of memorial.