Today's Earrings And Ancient Earrings category

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  • Release on :2017-09-19
Ancient Earrings category

Ear pendants
Directly into the hole of the earring ornaments, more popular before the Wei and Jin dynasties. In ancient times, "head of gold Buyao, ear pendant that Department of moon".

Ear rings
The gap rings, jade ring is China's most ancient jade ornaments, is also the most primitive earrings.
Ear forceps. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Fashion jewelry wholesale in china.

The Qing Dynasty had pierced earrings ring type called "clamp", people has a three clamp ear (i.e. each ear wearing three ear forceps) statement. Has been spread to the present of earrings, earrings, earrings, earrings and so became now we see the decoration exquisite beyond compare.
The main categories of modern Earring
The plasticity of earrings is very high, can be short or long, thick can be complicated, can be simple and small. The exquisite Earrings look carefully, in general wear solemn occasions; simple and small earrings, is very suitable for daily wear. 

Is the ring earrings. Taylor Earrings other slender, simple and all-match, it is the atmosphere and not grace. And big earrings can face!

Ear clip
Today's Earrings derive a new breed - ear button, which is actually a reduced version of the earrings, which is more convenient and more adaptable than earrings. With the pure style popular in the whole Asian woman walked adorable IU Sen style fresh and sweet, small pearl ear clip has become her daily a choice.
Ear Studs
Earrings was the most popular in daily life by the most simple stud earrings, low-key, generous style. Karlie Kloss this is the most simple stud earrings, decorated just right, add a touch of playful atmosphere to the face. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion popular women earring.

The ear clip
The first three are the ones with ear piercings, while the last ear clip is designed for people without ear piercings. The atmosphere of the black ear clip black dress collocation, more mature Emma is what style of hold live.

Earrings, earrings, ear ring, earrings, ear clip...... Which one do you like better? In many of the jewelry, earrings can only beautify facial lines, can examine the overall effect of the more attractive. Grasp the earrings choice, can be modified so that the whole face earrings are perfect, showing different charm and temperament in the backdrop of earrings.

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