How to choose earrings? I need a pair of earrings with deep affection!

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-10-25
Earrings, as the name suggests, look forward to early return of children, As the saying goes: no car does not tie ears, eyes, when the daughter married, wearing ornaments! Message: go home often!
The earrings worn by women are more than two thousand years old. Originally called "Dang", the "release of" Liu Xi said: "Shizhu Chuaner said" Dang ". Xing Sheng in the Chinese way."

Earrings, as the name suggests, look forward to the early return of children, as the saying goes: "not on the car does not tie ears, eyes, when the daughter married, wearing accessories!" meaning: often go home to see! Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer.

Historical records say, now, most women do not keep the women, sometimes taking advantage of her husband sleeping to escape and Valentine's tryst. The husband in her ear punched a hole, buckle two metal ring. So the woman moves a little, the earring sounds, and she has to give up the idea of tryst.
Another view is that, at first, women have no chastity concept, as long as there are strange men passing by, women will come forward, and actively approached, please strange men stay overnight. The next morning, when the man left, it was customary to give an earring to the woman as a souvenir and a reward. The more earrings on women's ears, the more attractive women are.

Later, after the changes of the times, earrings became the favorite jewelry of women. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion popular women earring.

So, "Mo Shang sang", men fall for she is "ears moon pearl"; "Peacock Flying Southeast" Liu Lanzhi "ear moon pendant." Luo Yin wrote in "zayong poetry" is the "ring for women's ears shaking".
Square face: angular face weakening of the feminine, soft rounded or streamlined is appropriate.
Diamond face: zygomatic height is very three-dimensional, but the lack of affinity, choose a curve shaped contour earrings can weaken the face of the perfect lines.

Round face: the chubby face is very aged, and the pendant with a hanging pendant is elongated to make the court look more harmonious.

Oval face: jaw tip, in fact, any shape earrings can handle it, but the water droplets form, gourd shaped earrings foil facial beauty.

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