The big four myths of jewellery for buyers

It's expensive to buy more than it is
Spend the same amount of money on jewelry, in terms of quantity, or quality? The one that you love, is appropriate to wear. No more, more is the bottom of the box. Second, relatively scarce jewellery is more likely to value the value of its value, and less is better.
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Certification is of little value

In the case of precious jewelry, the certification of international domestic authorities is very valuable. Professional appraisers are far more professional than amateurs, not to mention authority, neutrality, and equipment specialization. The buyer does not need to be an expert, as long as he can identify the authenticity of the certificate and read the certificate. Certificate of authority can be verified on the website, each feature description can directly or indirectly affect the value of the jewelry.

Jewelry is very firm and requires no careful protection

Gems do have high hardness and wear resistance. This is not equal to no damage. Keep the jewelry separate and keep away from scratch. The gem will be severely damaged, and the broken jewel may be worth the loss.

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Buy jewelry, the more valuable the better
Relatively expensive jewellery may be scarcer, but not necessarily for everyone. As accessories, the first function is to wear, so first choose colour, style, the work that is worn with the individual character, liking. Second, choose a product within your own budget price range.

It's not expensive, it's more important to match your personality and your personality. Tens of thousands of emerald-green pendant necklaces are elegant and elegant, and hundreds of yuan of pink coral bay strings are more likely to foil the vitality of youth.

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