Crystal Bracelet

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-08-31
Absorbing crystals. Radioactive crystal belongs to high frequency crystal, it can radiate energy to attract, for some fields, such as green, the ghost of a career was in charge of the money Ametrine and health related backbone are radioactive crystal, crystal, should be worn on the right hand. As for absorbing crystals, they are low frequency, which is to absorb and condense some energy. 

For example, the pink crystals associated with love and the non blocking Obsidian are of this kind. They should be worn on the left hand side. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide 2017 style Titanium alloy jewelry.

Whether it is a hand or secondary crystal after a lot of people hand, good magnetic disorder, wearing the best buried in a pile of salt before late, it will be clean. In addition, due to the frequent access to various places, easy to absorb bad temperament, will affect the long spar energy and receive, so each wear one month, will put the crystal crystal axis (i.e. crystal eolith / matrix, any type crystal have side) purification; if there is no crystal axis, available tinfoil the outer wrapping paper, bread, into the natural soil, purification and utilization of natural gas, or with distilled water immersion for one night, it will make more energy crystal.
Wear crystal attention points
1, shampoo bath, heavy labor, sports activities, it is best not to wear jewelry, to avoid damage

2, not with strong acids, alkalis and other corrosive chemicals in contact with, in order to prevent deterioration, affecting the gloss

Touch the crystal with your hands. The natural crystals are usually cooler than the synthetic ones. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through 925 silver jewelry wholesales.

With the eye, except the top AAA grade natural crystal transparent flawless streak free, general crystal usually have inclusions of cotton wool, this is no artificial crystal. For Amethyst, Huang Shuijing and other monochromatic crystal, usually to observe its two color, even the top Amethyst, Huang Shuijing is also chromatic aberration, through this method can identify whether plus color. These are the simplest methods, simple to understand. Master these and basic, to the general crystal bracelet can identify authenticity.

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