Jade and jewelry identification 2

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  • Release on :2017-07-27
Sapphire identification
The colors of natural sapphires are often uneven and most have flat growth lines. The artificial sapphire is uniform in color, and its growth band is an arc band. It is often seen that there is a crumb or bead like bubble in the body.

The natural sapphire also has a distinct two color, which looks blue in one direction and bluish green in another. Other gemstones differ in color rendering from natural sapphires, depending on which color can be distinguished. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Titanium alloy jewelry manufacturer china.
In addition, the available method for the determination of hardness method of the most simple, natural sapphire in Topaz carved traces, and other blue gems to Topaz carved traces, so when buying jewelry, such as there is no instrument, as long as there is a piece of topaz, sometimes also can solve some problems.

Jadeite identification
Some people say, with the Dow color filter to take a piece of green jade, if it turns red, you can explain this piece of jade is stained, color is true color. This statement is very mechanical, is "understanding. 

The Dow is a color filter film, it only allows the red and orange light. The fuel used for dyeing jade is generally containing chromium, when its concentration is very high and it will emit red light, in the present red color filter dow. But if the dye color is not deep, chromate concentration is not high, the Dow under the filter was reddish, is not easy to observe. 

In addition, natural green jade sometimes contains a small amount of glowing material, so with the Dow color filter to observe green jade carefully to the analysis, it will be indicated and can not make a conclusion of the judge. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide new style Jewelry on sale.
Then what is the difference between the natural green and the green of the jade? Know the reasons for dyeing jade, and natural jade green, white, purple, is due to the composition of jade crystal itself is green, white, purple. 

So we see a natural emerald color, its color and crystal is not bound, and dyed jade, its original crystal is not the color, the dip into dye jade is crystal along the intergranular voids or cracks and some subtle infiltration, so the color and the crystal will have obvious boundary.

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