How to choose the jewelry, please the parents, be the perfect daughter-in-law!

Shakespeare said: "The jewelry is silent, but more than any language." Every girl who loves beauty has her own unique aesthetic and taste, especially the choice and wearing of jewelry. So, how should a woman wear a jewelry that matches her own temperament, and how to wear it correctly when meeting a parent?

Gem, we can be divided into "expensive stone" and "half expensive stone". The stone is rich, rare and durable three features, the pixel has "big five gem" the diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, green cat eye. Semi-expensive stone, high yield, low hardness, low twist rate, like our common amber, chicken stone, crystal etc. Denyse woman's necessities, provide oem bangle supplier china.
A large, semi-expensive stone is usually very expensive. Usually a large gem is suitable for people of middle age and above for formal occasions. Small gem is suitable for young person, when middle age is worn small gem, had better not choose a single, can choose luxuriant a bit of complex design. Diamond's English Diamond comes from the ancient Greek Adamas, which means hard and unconquerable.

No one ever held a diamond ring to propose. The reason for this is that diamonds are less productive; The second reason is that diamonds were still precious stones, and the admiration for precious stones was only in the appreciation stage. Diamonds were discovered in South Africa in 1867, not only in quantity but also in quality.Denyse create beauty for every woman through Fashion alloy casting brooch supplier.
When things are scarce and the diamonds are suddenly much more productive, the price will fall.
At this moment, founded in 1888, dell began hoarding diamond (south) company play monopoly, once contracted for more than 90% of the world's diamond production, diamond has now become a scarce goods.
It was not until 1947 that the "diamond constancy" of the dell's company made it a symbol of love for thousands of women.The largest diamond in the world, "curry south," was found in the British colony of South Africa, weighing 3,106 carats.

On December 9, 1907, to celebrate the birthday of king Edward iii of England. When you go to meet your boyfriend's parents, don't wear too much and too expensive jewelry.
One is to avoid the whole point of mistake.
Secondly, wear jewelry also has its etiquette, the attention is long and orderly. Even if you're really rich, don't wear jewelry beyond your elders.
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Someone might want to ask, jewelry is so expensive, do you have to wear jewelry? Not necessarily!

First of all, we need to understand that imitation jewelry is different from a fake.
Imitation jewelry, its value lies in design. Ms COCO, the founder of chanel, despised the flaunt wealth craze of the early 1920s. She thinks that "put a big string of priceless jewelry hanging from the neck rather than directly into the body covered with money", a woman beauty is from the bondage of traditional, more confident, and confidence.

Second, another benefit of fake jewellery is safety.

Finally, it's better to look after others' feelings with a copy. When we socialize, we don't need to take on other people or demonstrate material things. The taller you are, the less likely you are to respect you for your diamond.If you need more information, please click Titanium alloy jewelry manufacturer china.