This Jewelry Designer Has the Prettiest Instagram Feed

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-04
You can always count on JCK's editors to remind you to follow the Instagram account, whether it's an imitation whistleblower, a celebrity stylist or yesterday's delightful Maranda's jewelry designer, making it feel like spring.

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New York designer Eva Noga may have just over 2,000 followers on Instagram, but I have always loved saving her beautiful articles since she launched her jewelry collection last year. People from the Czech Republic attended the Visual Arts and Parsons School in New York and had a background in fashion and textile design.

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She was fined before the conversion of a series of artificial jewels with Anthropologie, trying to make her the life of her plant and insect inspiration (ideas: spiders, beetles, and rose bracts) carved with beautiful jewels and diamonds. Retailers such as Yilan 23 and Metalmark jewelry have noticed these retailers.

Lunar New Year series called Nogah herbarium. "It's inspired by my greatest passion, gardening," she said. "Waiting for spring in Northeast China can be very difficult. I put all my energy and season expectations into these designs."

The engraving pink, green and colorful tourmaline leaves and flowers will become the leading role in this series at the recent Tucson gem exhibition. The following is a new design from the studio.

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Nova's Instagram is just like a miniature garden, with its perfect square and beautiful image, which drives her brand signature. Moreover, even though there was snow in April, somehow, it accelerated the arrival of spring.