These are all the most popular styles last year. Do you have ever seen them?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-02
Top 1:Choker necklace

The most popular Necklace in 2017 is Choker.Such chic's fashion products, all kinds of the star will never let go of it.Red net, supermodel Gigi sister Kim Kendall and socialite Olivia Palermo Ken beans are her loyal fans. Song Jia, the old driver of the fashion circle, is also reluctant to put up with Choker. It is enough to see the popularity of Choker. Such a fashionable single product doesn't start with Out.(Fashion necklaces for women)

Top 2:Necklace with  layering

Not only can we wear beautiful, but also keep up with details. The multi necklace can increase the airfield and express the aesthetic and life attitude of personality. Layered Necklace accessories are absolutely the overall shape of the punchline, enough avant-garde modern sense. Necklace stack and super suction will also make the overall form more bonus.

Top 3: exaggerated Earrings

Are you still wearing the mini earrings? The bigger the earrings are, the more fashionable it is! The exaggerated earrings of the retro wind are more and more popular with the designers. All the big showcases have its figure, and the elegant and romantic long skirts are almost beautiful. If clothing or handbags and other modern fashion collocation can also give a new sense of retro jewelry.(Fashion popular women earring)

Top 4: Brooch

These two years of stylish brooches have re-swept the fashion circle, and the interesting brooches on Valentino and the Gucci show make a big change to the brooch list! Matching a brooch suitable for your own shape really gives you a lot of bonus.(Fashion jewelry wholesale in china)