The top earring trends in 2018 by Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-23
Earrings are the easiest jewelry to wear.But the importance of earrings is very big.It can add a personality, showcases your tastes and makes you look very aesthetic.The different earrings have different ability to change your outlook style.If you want to enlarge the collection of your jewelry, the earring is a perfect beginning.Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge, a private jeweler appointment in New York City, spilled the top earring trends of 2018.


Gold hoops are by far 2018's biggest earring trend, and the bigger the better.The key to holding this trend right is to wear either extremely thick or whisper-thin widths in large diameters.Heavy hoops are uncomfortable to wear, so the Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer make all of the earrings hollow to keep them very lightweight.For the cool-girl, they can try pairing two sizes in one ear.Fashion women also loving hoops with a little-added flare, like diamond or pearl accents.

Dangling Charms

Dangling Charms have been a big trend for a few years now, so people loved to add something flare into earrings for catch eyes of the passer-by.Some edgier people can try a dangling gold dagger and add some of the sparkly things.

Ear Cuffs

It is a huge trend that wearing three or even four earrings in one ear.However, most people are afraid to get a cartilage piercing.For that reason, The ear cuffs with no piercings were issued and it can be placed anywhere on the ear in 2018.


In this year, One of the biggest trends is Personalized jewelry, and earrings are one of the parts as well.The letters represent you and your loved ones' initials can be mix and match them to earrings, or customize studs with your birthstone or even zodiac sign.


People are slowly getting rid of the single zone of wearing white diamonds and beginning to try colorful gemstones added into their jewelry for a new fashion look.In general, winter is suitable for deeper hues—emeralds, rubies, and sapphires,
In spring and summer, brighter pops of color like pink sapphires, turquoise, and even rainbow are most popular.