The purchase of jewels can be paid 4 times in advance

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-12-27
Before the Fujian province gem association released Xianhengpeifu consumer notice, jade jewelry encountered quality or price consumers to buy in Fujian Baoxie member units, can complain directly to the Fujian Baoxie, irrefutable evidence of the complaint, be Xianxingpeifu, the payment amount is 4 times the price of jewelry(Gold plated rings for women).

Consumers enjoy the Xianxingpeifu situation there are 6 major categories of 10 kinds of behavior: Jade (B goods) express jade, diamond express grade higher than the actual classification; glass material express and Hetian jade, jade and other materials express, synthetic or man-made gemstones express natural gemstones; 18 carat gold express 18K white gold, gold thousands of gold or gold million Express Gold jewelry; settlement price is higher than the price of gold Express; does not conform to the geographical protection provisions of the Shoushan Stone Tian Huangshi Express; sold by weight of gold, platinum, palladium jewelry, weighing the value of not more than 500 grams, 0.01 grams of beyond tolerance.
The indemnity is less than 30 thousand yuan, the industry association will pay the compensation directly; the indemnity exceeds 30 thousand yuan, and the industry association will accompany the consumer and the store. Consumers enjoy Xianhengpeifu, businesses need to hold open sales invoices or documents and invoices or bills store location, name, size, weight or the amount of sales, telephone number and seal. The industry association, based on these elements, supports the authenticity of consumer behavior in order to claim damages to the related businesses afterwards.

It needs to be reminded that the first payment is only for the consumer in Fujian province Baoyu Association member units to buy jewelry and jade to meet the quality or price problem. Consumers don't have the obligation to pay for jewelry(Copper alloy jewelry manufacturer china) or jade in the non trade associations, but they can help consumers complain to the market supervision department. At present, the province has more than 2000 retail shop and counter, the vast majority of industry association.