The "luxury" jewelry you buy in your circle of friends may come from this small workshop

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-23
  Recently, the joint police supervisory department of Guangming Police seized a dens on suspicion of making counterfeit goods. Five people were seized at the scene and tens of thousands of pieces of counterfeit world-renowned luxury brand seizures were seized(Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer). According to preliminary estimates, the amount involved may reach 100 million yuan.
  The reporter learned from Guangming Public Security Bureau, recently, bright police joint Bright Market Authority cracked the case of fake registered trademark. Police and law enforcement officers seized at the Ma Tin Street, Guang Ming New District of a dens suspected of fabricating counterfeit world-class brand rings and bracelets. One management and four workers were seized and more than 17,000 pieces of brand-name Fashion popular women earring and 10,000 pieces of bracelets were seized .
The brand shop by genuine market price estimates, the case involved in the amount may reach hundreds of millions of dollars. At present, the administrators of counterfeit dens have been XingJu, and the police are trying their best to arrest the remaining personnel involved.

  In recent years, due to the rapid development of the Internet, there is more and more online business operations without formal license or formalities. In order to earn high profits, some small traders purchase and sell counterfeit designer luxury goods(Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry) to informal vendors. Many manufacturers that produce such products are not authorized by the brand and may be involved in counterfeiting and selling. According to police handling the case, "Criminal Law" stipulates that the serious crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks, imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and impose a fine or punishment; particularly serious, the Department of imprisonment of not less than three years, not more than seven years, And fined.