The last five strange phenomena in China's jewelry industry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-13
Everyone can make jewels. Since the rise of micro-blog WeChat and become a new customer access, maintenance and sale service channel, the micro businesses in all walks of life are just like a duck to water, and the jewelry industry has not been spared. The threshold is low. No matter you don't know jewelry or strength, no matter whether you want to be responsible for your customers, a mobile phone is good. If you say hello or not, you can send photos and videos to people everyday. They call themselves jewelers. Hongkong auction a big pink diamond, is most the derivative, excitement if he sold it, in fact, what he did not understand, not every day in the circle of friends said he sold the stone jewelry is South Africa drill.

The majority is to try to find a second occupation in addition to boring daily work, from time to time to feel the effect is not good secretly dormant, they can understand, most are too much and some are completely not the bottom line, and the means of concealment, bluff and deceive, let you can't win against. Expect it can only hope the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, jewelry lovers all have a pair of eye, less pay less tuition.

The jewelry exhibition was reduced to a vegetable market. Since the beginning of several years ago, the jewelry exhibition in China has been flooded. From north to Guangzhou, Shenzhen first went deep into the two or three line cities, from the annual to a week, from the old exhibition hall to the small break site, curator agencies took turns. After a few years, I see it is difficult to continue, in addition to the sponsor's drought and flood protection, exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition are all disappointed. Exhibitors paid money and worked hard for a few days. They didn't come to their peers to take pictures. They also had several thieves in the middle. They could not talk about not making money, but they could be lucky enough to start.

Most of the real jewellery lovers are tired of this mess. They are full of fake and shoddy, simple shopping exhibitions that are not guaranteed. Now they seldom show off except for their occasional selling to their trusted sellers.

Jewelry City deserted. In other places, I didn't have a mind to visit the jewelry city. For all these reasons, I had to go to all these jewelry cities in Beijing. If I say, no business is good, business will be miserable. No matter the old Jewelry City, or the newly opened Jewelry City, what time to see several guests, only the clerk there for, how to think about business as one day.

Eleven see joke, see Double Twelve online sales, customer buying behavior habits had changed, the customer's jewelry knowledge are on the increase, you also don't expect to open three years opening for three years? That time has passed, and it won't come back again.

It is difficult to buy and sell easily. When customers buy jewelry, they will be told that jewellery will keep in value and do not worry about depreciation. You can say, at least in the middle and high-end category, this is true, because it has been rising in price. But the price to rise, so you worry realized it, or just love to put some sell yourself in hand, you will not find a good channel.

It is not enough to reach the auction, such as poly guardian and the like, or is too low for example each weekend to engage in small town jewelry auction, true or false mixed together, you have to go to register, preview what; pawn your hard trip to know, ten dollars can give you two or three things a good, you also say black people, people keep that big store so many people have to make money?! A circle of friends? How many friends do you have? How much of your jewellery do you like? Is the price appropriate? Don't like to return the goods? In a word, there are many disadvantages in each of them.

Business all love to rub the wind. The jewelry industry is still an industry that has not been changed too much by the mobile Internet, in other words, there is a lot of opportunities to change and break the game. At the same time, there are still such strange phenomena in the jewelry industry. The industry also has a lot of people of insight, from their own angles and experiences, and the resources that they own, want to do something each.

But, like other industries, a lot of the business is to start a business, even to scratch the mouth of the wind. Don't see, jewel live, jewellery share (real lease), jewel auction, jewelry designer platform, B2B, C2F, B2C... The forest and forest are always different, but how much is the need to beat the head, not the real wide demand? How much resources will be wasted on such a venture... Let me say, the business of rubbing the wind is still a matter of fact. If we have time and energy resources, we should sell and sell things better, and serve our customers well, which is also a contribution to the development of the industry.