The attention of wearing jewelry for pregnant women

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-04
A few days ago we explained why pregnant women could not bring jewelry.But there are still some beautiful young mothers who want to wear jewelry.Today, let’s talk about what pregnant women need to pay attention to when they wear jewelry.MeiLanXuan is a Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer.

1.Materials of jewelry

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Pregnant women should avoid wearing gold and silver jewelry.Because, the general gold and silver jewelry in the production process must be mixed with a small amount of steel, chromium, nickel and other materials, especially those cheap synthetic materials, jewelry made from these materials on the human skin is very likely to cause harm.

Pregnant mothers can wear jade, jade will not cause harm to the skin, and some jade is even good for the body. But be aware that after more than 37 weeks of pregnancy, you can't wear it anymore, because it will be difficult to remove it at that time.MeiLanXuan has produced many kinds of fashion necklaces for women.

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2.Size of jewelry

Many mothers gain weight after pregnancy, so smaller or tight jewelry, such as rings and bracelets, should be removed early.

The rings are generally tailored and are just as big as your fingers. When the ladies wear them, they can highlight your slimming hands. However, after pregnancy, pregnant women's body will be a certain degree of edema, this time the ring will be too tight and can not be removed, while the ring will also hinder the circulation of your finger's blood.

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The same problem can occur in jade bracelets, and the wrists become thicker due to body edema. The original just-sized jade bracelet will also hold the wrist and cannot be removed.MeiLanXuan has produced many kinds of silver charm bracelet wholesale

3.Not too much jewelry

When pregnant women reached the third trimester, their bodies gradually became bloated and activities became inconvenient. If you wear too much jewelry, it will affect the normal activities of pregnant women. If you wear heavy jewellery, such as a necklace, when you go to bed, it is easy to oppress the swollen neck of pregnant women, affecting breathing. Furthermore, pregnant women are inconvenient for actions. If they are worn too much, they can easily attract the attention of criminals.