The Reverse Ring by Nanis Italian Jewels

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-17
People usually like multi-functional products, especially when it comes to dressing. Multi-function products can help you do more things with less money, and buying these products is a good value for you to feel.

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Nanis Reverse collection series of Italy jewelry has so many functions in jewelry design. A series that allows the wearer to choose how to display his works. Reverse mimics the double-faced mirror in concept. On the other hand, you have a broader view; turning to the other side, you will see more details.

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You can see how this concept is applied to the two rings. One side is a larger gem appearance, consisting of a stone (or double layer), and the other is a variety of color stud stones, polished gold details, and carvings.

Reverse: sea blue has two styles, one is the mother of pearl, one is London Blue Topaz double earrings, the other is blue diamond, green sapphire, and Swiss Blue topping, and flower bouquet, green elongated stone and crystal double, and Shafer stone, Pink Sapphire and Amethyst. It's opposite. If you want more color changes, flower bouquet may be your best choice, although you can't make a mistake on any choice, because blue changes with anything.

Maybe this is their nickname, but I compare the bouquet ring to the perfect choice of spring. With its fresh color collection, it is like a portable painting garden, and the volume of the whole season is relatively small.

Ocean blue is the ideal choice for summer because just as the name implies, it arouses the sea. These two changes make me feel warm, sunny and happy, which is anyone can ask when it's April, it's still cold outside.

Nanis will show this series on JCB's LUXURY this year, so it must be top, not only to appreciate the works but to enjoy the unusual functions.

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