The Paul Smith x Pyrrha Collaboration Is Just Dandy

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-18
Last month or so, some of the very exciting designers of the jewelry industry came out of the news, from Namb e xR e myRotenier to the next wave of talent to participate in the Diamonds With a Story program of Rio Tinto.
The latest partnership draws our attention, pairing a famous British fashion brand with a manufacturer of small handmade silver (sometimes 14K Gold) trinkets and amulets in Vancouver, which are inspired by the Vitoria wax seal and the arms. The result is Paul Smith x Pierre, a five-piece jewel capsule that absorbs the fantastic image of the Paul Smith badge (scroll down to see the close-up so that you can fully understand the design direction).

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Whether it's wearing a plum blossom coat or a Italy wool suit jacket, the meticulous tailoring is very important for Paul Smith's DNA. But the brand has developed into an internationally recognized life brand, famous for flickering stripes, unusual flower patterns and patterns, as well as in some way to become nifty and complex. Like an internal joke or a clever pun, you may not be cool or quick enough to get it.

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A man, who is sure to get it? Elizabeth S, the queen of England, awarded the Paul Smith medal in 2000. In order to commemorate this occasion, Smith carefully designed a "badge". Speaking of pun...


"Exciting is the opportunity to apply Pyrrha aesthetics to the original wave crest image," Pyrrha designer Wade Papin said in a statement. Paul always said, 'you can find inspiration in everything.' we must agree with this idea.

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What does a rabbit have? They are a bit like the Paul Smith brand of spiritual animals. Creatures can also be used as personal amulets of designers.
For obvious reasons, the following rabbit rings and necklaces are my personal favorites.

This handmade sterling silver is handmade, purchased online, and can be purchased in Paul Smith stores in London, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The starting price is 230 dollars.