The Jewelry Designer Tomasz Donocik

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-29
The designer, born in Poland, grew up in Austria and later received a master's degree in art at Royal College of Art, where he wrote works for De Beers and LVMH. After that, he worked for British jewelry designer Stephen Webster for a period of time.

In 2008, Donocik chose to start his own business and launched his namesake brand in London.

Color savvy and artistically askew forms is his biggest feature.His colorful electric night and star series attracted the attention of many famous retailers in the international jewelry industry.The two series are carved with diamond and multicolored rectangular cut stones in the winding geometric pattern. The linear design of the sawtooth has become a sign of his.

Donocik likes to tell stories very much. His works are inspired by literature, films and paintings, and also from London's dynamic and growing environment. The works of science fiction film Blade Runner and American artist Frank Stella are also the source of his inspiration.

Donocik's customers are bold and confident. They all like something that has strong sense of design and rich colors, rather than those traditional rigid things. The geometric lines commonly used in everyday life are instantly unique under his ingenious design. And under the gorgeous appearance, every product has its stories and emotions behind it.

The Blade Runner ring of Electric Night series is one of his favorite works. The whole series adopts French bread cutting technology, blending decoration art and futuristic aesthetics.

He is very fond of Hemmerle jewellery house,because of their aluminum arts.I also admire Joel A. Rosenthal who work under JAR. His exquisite workmanship, exquisite and endless inspiration.

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