Ten strange phenomena in China's jewelry industry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-09
According to the China Insurance Association statistics, this year Chinese jewelry market every year exceeded 600 billion yuan, has become the world's largest jewelry market. And with the growth of post-90s 00, their consumption concept and consumption power are different from those of previous generations. In the foreseeable future, they will push the Chinese jewelry market to a new scale and level.

However, it is such a huge market, but it is full of all kinds of strange phenomena. Below, the author lists them, for the people of insight to criticize instruction and discuss together.Today we talk about the first five.

First strange 

China is the world's largest jewelry market, but apart from what actually is not internationally recognized and Hetian jade, jade, together with all the gems, including jade category, no right to speak in upstream China what.

From diamonds, red sapphires, to emeralds, to any precious jewels or precious stones that you can think of, in the fast-growing Chinese jewelry market, China should be a buyer's market, but still a seller's market. From the television for having heard it many times the chain, to the new rise of the electricity supplier of micro-business, seems to have been on a flat channel, bring jewelry lovers many benefits, but in fact, Chinese huge purchasing power to the upstream, or no one will be crush one by one at the best price.

So in the end, it actually compresses only a bit of the space of the downstream circulation, which may also affect service and survival.

Second Strange
There are no internationally known brands. From Basel to Vicenza, from Las Vegas to nearly JCK at home in front of the Hongkong International Jewellery Fair has a long history, readily visible dazzling international big, but not a big Chinese brand, can dominate competing.

In 2017, some domestic listed jewelry company, began to go abroad, the acquisition of some foreign famous brands, such as Thai Group acquired the famous Italy jewelry brand buchelatti, has finally taken the first step, however, is really too little!

Third Srange

There are few independent designer brands with international influence. Chen Shiying is one of them, Cindy Chao is the same, but it's still too little. Our great country, the traditional culture has a long history, contains an inexhaustible source of inspiration, but once a year the China Insurance Association held a Beijing international jewelry exhibition, which has independent designers exhibition, we will not say how to style and level design, there are some plagiarism too obvious, how can it be said to stately shy face is an independent designer?

Fourth Strange

The gleaming jewellery, in fact, is mostly made by people with very low level of culture, very similar to the house decoration. From the brand to the small and micro business, no one is not for the processing quality of worry, as long as the quality control and poor communication at all, it's a lot to do. Factory workers are young did not read many books came out as an apprentice, many years later are skilled workers, but education limitation causes most of them no taste, no sense of responsibility, they are some basic business ethics, such as not adulterated not shoddy, but as long as your communication is not in place. The quality doesn't pass, you would not be truly satisfied with the piece of jewelry.

Fifth Strange

A magical appraisal institution. GRS is the color gem identification this piece of commercial do best, currently the largest share of appraisal institutions in Hongkong, but did not say, not to mention the same stone have different tone GRS pigeon blood red certificate big, it has been incredibly customers conniving, Hongkong exhibition during the domestic jewelry manufacturers have a lot to censorship, they actually playfully price!

Inspection is not to say, the country's top brands, many categories because of the historical heritage and the research level of temporarily restricted not leading it, for no one unified price system, must be sent to the stone, to tell you about the cost of testing at the scene, this is what's the!

There are also many local pheasant laboratories, repeatedly exposed to the black heart unscrupulous merchants issued false certificates, deceiving innocent consumers. Fortunately, GUILD labs have been introduced into China. They have offices in Hongkong and Shenzhen. They are leading the way of Internet. They are a dark horse in operation and promotion, supplemented by decades of professional word-of-mouth, hoping to change the current detection market.