Temperament long ear line

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-15
Long ear line than the traditional style of personality, but also more than the retro large earrings, this ear line can Hold live in various occasions.  Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide women earring on sale.

But the long eared line can be elongated neck line, and strapless or vest harness is perfect, let the people look sexy and elegant. It is recommended that people with imperfect neck or shoulder lines wear. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through earring manufacturer china.  

You can also choose a pendant or rich detail on the ear line, such as a gourd pendant and a ring pendant that are hot this year. Immediately from the law-abiding into fashion Girl~~ Tee or casual pants collocation leather jacket punk full collocation Strapless shirt or blouse, sexy at the same time there is a little tough.

Exotic tassels
Tassel Earrings with Bohemia alien amorous feelings, is a good choice to go out to play. Collocation more need to pay attention to daily wear and clothing, if the error is very boorish. First of all, don't let Tassel Earrings and big flowered skirts exist simultaneously. Instead, it's better with a casual shirt and a dress. The second is to try not to hit the color, black and white gray clothes choose light colored earrings, bright colors and collocation or colorless lines or earrings, the same color collocation, this is a lot of soft collocation.

Street wind ring
Hoop earrings are popular for several years, because of the different size, different materials to a lot of tension and collocation, the most suitable for the female angular face, can weaken facial lines. With wallet, vest is the most reliable, relatively simple. We also suggest a new combination, like a woman's shirt, a suit with a cool wind, or a sexy dress.

Elegance and street encounter, see is the taste of ideas of fashion fine. Whether it's youthful, sophisticated, or trendy on the street, wearing earrings at any age can make a difference. But first you have to start with a pair, and after all, earrings are the fastest changing style in all of them.

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