Teaching the bride how to pick the earrings that fit her face

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-22

Earrings play an important role in jewelry wear. Fashion popular women earring affect the hearts of every beauty. This is a learning that what kind of face should be fit what kind of earrings or stud earring.Now Meilan Xuan Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer introduce to you, the bride how to choose the earrings according to their face.

1.Some women are suitable for wearing earrings, such as the thin face or narrow face. The earrings should be an accessories in their daily life. The thin face or narrow face can cover up the lack of face if it match a suitable earrings.

2.For women with rectangular faces, the visual width of the midline of the face should be increase during the decoration. Meilan Xuan Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer remingd that, choosing a larger and eye-catching area with emerald-studded earrings, or short, and round earrings, which can make their ears looks more larger, the face looks more wider. This is terrible.

3.For the fullness of the round face of women, please note that you can not wear the kind of large and round button earrings, because this earrings will make people deepen the feeling of fullness of the face, making a large round face looks more round. You should choose to wear jewelry from string of earrings or small and bright diamond stud earrings.

4.For women with oval face. The characteristic of the face is big forehead and tip chin. The essentials for adorn the face is increases the width of the jaw, resulting in thinning fullness for the visual effects.So, you can wear flower-shaped earrings, to make people appear quiet and elegant; can also wear a vertical concise ring to let people look lively and chic.

We believe every woman is interested in women earrings on sale, But how to make a choice is a difficult task.We are Hope that after read this article, ladies can know what kind of earrings they should choose.