Talk to you about some ways of keeping a jewelry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-02-27
Jewelery has now become everyday wear for everyone. High quality, exquisite jewelry to show a person's taste, identity, and personal charm. We enjoy the many benefits of jewelry jade, the same we also need to protect them, love and care. After all, things are interacting. Meilanxuan Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer to introduce several kinds of jewelry maintenance methods.

The maintenance of pearl and coral jewelry

Their low hardness makes them very susceptible to damaging their luster due to friction; both are calcium carbonates, which are subject to acid and corrosion; sweat and various cosmetic products can also impair their quality. So try not to wear these summer jewelry, if you accidentally stained with perspiration, can be placed in water to clean, and then use a soft white cloth gently wipe clean. Similar to the above Fashion popular women earring, due to wear a longer time, so it should pay more attention to this aspect of maintenance.

The maintenance of Gold jewelry

Need to do a good job of anti-oxidation treatment, and secondly, daily wear should also be careful to avoid collisions with sharp objects, do not wet the water, if you accidentally wet the water, you should immediately wipe it. 925 silver jewelry manufacturer china said there is no silver jewelry concerns in this regard, because of the nature of silver.

The maintenance of diamond jewelry

Regular cleaning is very important for the diamond ring, the family can buy diamond cleaning agent. In addition, you can go to the store to do the clean-up.

Jewelry maintenance is to make their own jewelry has always been new, will not because of the passage of time lost its luster.