Suit with belt can make you instantly lose 10 pounds

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-22
In the fall, people wear suits. Suits are no longer exclusively for men. Girls wear suits even better than boys. Nowadays, Fashion Week has already gone to Milan. In addition to the excitement on the show floor, the off-street street beat is a fashionable vane. The highest rate of appearance is that of a suit for men and women. If you want to wear a suit that catches your eye, you can learn to learn these fashionable big coffees, and bring a concave shape with your waist!

Plaid suit with belt

If you do not start a retro plaid suit this year, you're embarrassed to go out, this type of "old-fashioned" checkered suit is the most fashionable fashion item in the street shoot this year, with retro literary temperament, and a variety of collocations And wear law is also emerging in an endless stream, the old fashioned sense of wear. Plaid suit with a simple black belt, retaining this literary tune at the same time, instantly thin 10 pounds.

Plaid suit mix and match all kinds of skirts is the combination of the most this year, not only retains the suit's capable, but also for the whole body LOOK into more feminine, sexy and elegant casual switch, coupled with a belt, it is stressed that women The sense of the curve.

In addition to the simple black belt, some fashionable girls can try this kind of long canvas belt, not only attracting eyeballs, but also more fashionable and casual, with a little street range.

Stripe suit with belt

How can you get a striped suit with Plaid Suit? This pair of good friends is the ivy of the fashion circle, striped suit with a simple thin belt, two thin elements instantly build a good body for you.

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