Still worried about the platinum is very soft? Maybe you need to know more about these three asp

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-02-23
Recently found that many of my friends around in the purchase of diamond ring, platinum is very soft? This doubt. As a gentleman who loves platinum, and has been wearing a platinum ring, platinum is very soft for the idea of this myth, I think it is necessary from the following aspects, for everyone to science, platinum is by virtue of perfect attributes, become With the perfect partner of diamonds.

First, the data for you to answer platinum is very soft this problem. In addition to its own density of metal hardness, but also the purity. In general, the higher the density, the higher the purity of the metal hardness. The platinum is a very high density of the metal, the platinum ring on the market purity is as high as 90% -95%, so the basic hardness of platinum maintained at between 4-4.5. So platinum is soft is wrong. Solve the problem of platinum is very soft, let's look at the other properties of platinum. We all know that the higher the hardness of the metal is not suitable for creating a ring, the color of the metal itself is good-looking, good ductility is also very important.

Platinum's natural pure white color, with the dazzling sparkle of diamonds each other, showing a luxurious, luxurious luster, and the chemical stability of platinum in the daily wear and tear will not appear oxidized black or faded situation, while the relative The high density and purity make it very wear-resistant, will not scratch because of some bumps, can often wear new, has been intact to maintain its pure, bright color.

And we chose Platinum to create diamond ring setting, but also because of platinum superhuman ductility and toughness, so it can be made into a more smooth, slender lines, the perfect contrast diamond exquisite cut section, very beautiful , But also firmly hold a diamond, will not be broken situation, giving diamonds lasting, safe protection. Therefore, many top jewelers, even the European royal family will choose platinum to match the diamond, creating a lot of stunning, classic style.

So, do you still think platinum is very soft? Of course, the answer is NO. Platinum is not only firm enough to embed the hardness of the diamond, but also superior to other metals' toughness and ductility. Therefore, the platinum diamond ring is very trustworthy because of its beauty and safety. Everyone in the purchase of platinum diamond ring must also look for the exclusive identification of platinum - Pt or platinum logo, so as to buy a real platinum ring ~