The jewelry is easy to break, is it really a quality problem?

Jewelry has become a modern life indispensable things, people, however, many people are buying after a series of problems, such as: necklace, bracelet rupture, deformation of hollow jewelry, gold jewelry discoloration, etc., some customers will think there is something wrong with the quality of manufacturer. Today, xiao wei tells us about the quality of jewelry and the wearing of jewelry!

The quality problem
The quality of pure gold and sterling silver (gold, platinum and silver) refers to whether the amount of gold and silver content of commodities meets national standards. Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide belt wholesales in china.
Jewelry jade (diamond, caibao, jade, pearl) quality refers to whether the commodity is natural, jewelry products generally have the appraisal certificate issued by the national jewelry inspection bureau.

The quality of wooden string is the true and false of the wooden string, and the label is the same.

Wear problem

Goods belong to the wear problem such as fracture, deformation, discoloration, customers in the process of wear, conscious or unconscious to commodities, extrusion or exposure to chemicals, rupture, deformation, discoloration will result in goods.

Wearing a problem is a matter of time, it may be a day, it may be a year, in the process of wearing, should pay more attention, generally is no problem.

If wear problem, can get store free maintenance for you, such as special goods can't repair plastic, can pay the processing fee in the new, some items (such as: jade, wood series, etc.) can't scrappage, also can not repair, pay more attention when you wear. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry.
1. The gold ornament is soft and soft, please do not rub with the hard object, collision and extrusion when wearing, so as to avoid deformation, deformation or fracture, which is normal phenomenon. Gold jewelry avoids mixing with acid, alkali, gong, tin, lead, iodine, cosmetics and other chemicals, or it will become white. This is a normal chemical reaction and should be processed in the store.

Gold jewelry fading and discoloration is closely related to human sweat, 1% sweat in the body is harmful substances, such as excretion of ammonium chloride, urea, uric acid, lactic acid, etc., gold with these substances can produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, and present a deep black chemical salt, this situation must to store cleaning.

Gold jewelry should avoid wearing with platinum jewelry, otherwise friction will have color change.

2. The hardness of palladium gold ornament is large, do not break, if damaged, not easy to repair.

3. It is best to check the diamond in 3 months to see if the diamond is loose and shifting, and wear the diamond to avoid contact or collision with the hard object, so as to avoid the ring deformation, causing the diamond to loosen and fall off.

Diamonds have a strong affinity for oil and should be cleaned every three months.

4. Pearl ornament and 18K gold try to avoid exposure to the sun. Avoid contact with perfumes or hairspray. Otherwise, it is easy to fade or fade color and lose luster.

5.Jade jewelry cannot be exposed to acids, bases, and organic solvents, or it is prone to corrosion. You should take off your jewelry when you sleep, shower and exercise. If you need more information, please click Stainless steel jewelry manufacturer.