Jewelry classification

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1. Diamond: diamond is a crystalline mineral entirely composed of a single element of carbon. It is also the only gemstone in a gemstone consisting of a single element. The diamond is the cleavage of the eight planes, that is, the four directions of the plane, the eight sides, and the surface of the crystal, usually in a ladder shape. Diamonds are chemically stable and not soluble in acids and bases. But in pure oxygen, when heated to about 1770 degrees, it will break down. In a vacuum, when heated to 1700 degrees, it is broken down into graphite. Diamonds are transparent, translucent, and opaque. Gem grade diamonds should be colorless, transparent, flawless or very few, and may be slightly yellowish or very light brown. The most precious colors are natural pink, followed by blue and green.

2. Pearls: seawater or freshwater shellfish soft animal into small impurities, stimulated the mantle secretes a Nacre (mainly calcium carbonate), the impurity layers wrapped up, gradually become a small bead is the pearl. Pearl color is mainly white, pink and light yellow, with a pearl luster, its surface vaguely flashing like a rainbow halo color pearl. Color white embellish, skin light bright, shape fine circle, grain size hard big, the value is highest.

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3. Turquoise: turquoise is a self colored gemstone. It is a fully hydrated copper aluminum phosphate. The molecular formula is cual6 (PO4) 4 (OH) 8 - 5h2o. The transparency of the stone is opaque, and the lower part of the sheet is translucent. The polished surface is made of grease and glass, and the fracture is dark and glossy. The types of turquoise include Persian turquoise, American Turquoise and Mexico turquoise, Egyptian Turquoise and turquoise with wire.

4. Lapis lazuli: lapis lazuli is a mineral sodalite group; molecular formula for lapis lazuli (Na, CA) 7-8 (al, SI) 12 (O, s) 24 (SO4), cl2cl2 (OH) 2 (OH) 2, which is often part of sodium potassium replacement. Sulfur is partially sulfate, chlorine or selenium replacement. The types of lapis lazuli include Persian lapis lazuli, Soviet lapis lazuli, or Spanish lapis, Chilean Lapis lazuli.

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5.Opal: minerals in opals, molecular formula SiO2 - nh2o. Because the SiO2 opal small bead neatly arranged like grating, when white light ray diffraction occurs after the above, scattered into the color spectrum, so with Opal stone brilliant colors, especially red past the most precious. The types of opal include white opal, black opal stone, crystal stone, opal opal stone, Shi Huoyu stone, opal opal colloidal droplets boulder opal, gangue opal or matrix in opal.

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