Q&A about jewelry

Commonly used metal outside of the natural material such as silver and gold (minerals, rocks, etc.), has a certain value of jewelry, crafts, or other known collectively as jewelry, reason has "the gold and silver jewelry", the management of these items jewelry line is also referred to as "jewelry line". Scientifically speaking, the concept of "jewelry" is the same as that of a broad "gem". A broad gem is a reference to the material that is suitable for thinking or carving as a piece of jewelry or handicraft.
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Question 1: what do you need to pay attention to?

Please do not wear bath, hot spring, swimming pool, wet environment, water vapor, chemical products will attach to the jewelry surface, make it lose its original luster.

Wipe the jewelry with a clean soft cloth when worn.

The jewellery should be stored in the original decoration box.

Try to avoid makeup and perfume contact with jewelry or keep them together.

Do not use water, wet cloth or any jewelry cleaner or ultrasonic cleaning machine that is sold on the market.

The crystal of crystal is crispy, not stressed, colliding, and hot.
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Question 2. After a while, the chain got dark?

The silver is black because of the chemical reactions (including the working environment)
Processing skills:

When the silver is unused, it is recommended to seal the plastic bag with a sealing plastic bag to reduce the amount of air contact.

The silver is black, but the silver cloth is chosen. You can also use a soft brush with toothpaste to brush and scrub (preferably with pure water) and wash the water with cotton cloth.

Use silver water, but don't use it too often, because silver water is a chemical, and it also has a corrosive effect on jewelry.
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