Silver jewelry general knowledge:sterling silver, 925 silver

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-20
Sterling silver jewelry is generally sold on the market are 925 silver, not 999 sterling silver, because 925 silver as added other metals silver alloy is internationally recognized as sterling silver, the ratio is 92.5% silver And 7.5% alloy. The reason for this is that 925 silver forged jewelry is relatively strong, not easy to wear and deformation. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide 925 silver jewelry wholesales.

The real 999 sterling silver is as soft as pure gold, silver alloy added to make the jewelry is more durable, or a few days it will be deformed, worn, you need to continue polishing. 

Silver mining in the first mining, it will shine white color, milk white. However, a touch of air, in a very short period of time will become silver color, white. Silver in the production and processing process, the use of high-polished or bright silver plating method to reproduce the kind of silver mining just that luster, unfortunately, the same is impossible to maintain in the air, about 15 days or so Will be back to the true nature. As sales is understandable, bright is to look good on the photo, so you can see the counter silver plastic seal useful packaging.

SO sterling silver is 925 silver.Although the price of pure silver and platinum are not high, but far more than the tin, lead and other metals. However, sterling silver is very easy to deform, so other alloys are generally added to increase its hardness. The alloys added in various countries are also different. In the international standard, silver content as long as more than nine hundred twenty-five hundred twenty-five, will be identified as sterling silver. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman 925 silver jewelry supplier china.

Like gold, silver is a precious metal with a long history of more than four thousand years. Because silver has a uniquely good property, people once gave it both monetary and decorative values. There are pound sterling silver used before liberation, is silver-based silver-copper alloy. 

Silver white, soft and bright luster, is a minority, Islam, and so loved decorations. Silver jewelry is also the most preferred gift for most ethnic people to give birth to a baby. Europe and the United States under the influence of the retro wave, wearing a silver-turquoise jewelry easily oxidized black. At home, there is also a wave of wearing sterling silver.

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