Jewelry design has a simple design concept?

It is true that the jewelry itself is a thing with a luxury property, but also decorations, itself and simple is the conflict, if the most essential simplicity of the simple, then the best or do not bring Fashion necklaces for women. But jewelry as jewelry, that is, can wear ornaments, one of the necessary attributes is beautiful, from this level, the simple beauty is beautiful, included in the beauty of this large collection, so of course there will be.

So I think the simple beauty of Silver charm bracelet wholesale, should not be too gorgeous, low-key, simple, and even the original ecology, then gorgeous and shiny is not the key, low-key, natural beauty is the focus. Cartier and Tiffany a lot of people said, but that those who have nothing to do with the simple, the design concept is simple, concise, simple, and simple contact is not simple, should not be complicated with the complex, in fact, these big luxury can not be true Plain.
"Anything is the ultimate is the art", empathy in the jewelry, to the extreme to the extreme that is art, simple to the ultimate is art.

First we look at 2017 style Jewelry on sale. Jeweler In the jewelry we can not see the so-called "simple" design, as long as your jewelry with precious stones. Perhaps you want to talk about minimalism. [Minimalist ≠ simple] [minimalist ≠ simple] [minimalist ≠ simple] and for jewelry design, we can only say that [plain texture material] and simple ≠ old craft & rough it may be Contains a sense of history.