Bracelet knowledge, common sense and rules of wear

The bracelet, for decoration of the earliest human unconscious behavior, but also a way of counting, modern is often used as a decorative effect on wrist wear, mostly metal, especially silver, also has ore, crystal and other system. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Silver charm bracelet manufacturer china.

Different from bracelets and bracelets, bracelets are chain like, in order to pray for peace, calm and beautiful as the main purpose. Generally speaking, bracelets are worn on the right hand side, while left hand is used to wear watches.

(1) the collocation of bracelet and wrist
The bride's wrist is a detailed body parts, with hand movements, it is easy to guide the people's line of sight, and attention, and affect your impression on others, therefore, the bracelet styles need to cooperate with the wrist skeletal thickness and visibility, and timely performance since my unique style.

The wrist is slim and the bones are not distinct: the perfect wrists fit into any basic chain, styling chain, or subject chain. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide 2017 style Bracelet on sale.
Wrist slim, skeletal obvious: suitable for wearing two basic chain, so that the wrist is more mellow.
Wrist plump, bone is not obvious: slightly wider style chain or theme chain, beautiful generous.
Wrists are rich and bones are distinct: personalized styling chains or theme chains, please turn your attention from wrist to bracelet.

(2) the collocation of bracelet with arm

Slender arms, slender people wear jade bracelets of better quality to increase their charm.
Slender, slimmer people wear smaller combinations of bracelets (two can), which have a certain balance. It is not appropriate for a man to wear a bracelet when his arm is too full. For more information, please click Silver charm bracelet wholesale.