Shenzhen precious metal jewelery sampling nearly 20% unqualified

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-24
Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Commission conducted a special quality supervision and spot check on precious metal and jewelry jade jewelry products. A total of 336 batches of products were spot-checked. Among them, 60 batches of unqualified products were found and the product failed rate reached 18%. Jewelry wholesales on line should lead by example.

A total of 336 batches of products of 207 units under inspection were spot-checked. Products manufactured or sold by companies such as Asahi Shimbun Jewelry Co., Ltd., Junlong Jewelery Co., Ltd. and Yijinfang Jewelry Co., Ltd. were detected as substandard items involving Product 60 batches. Spot checks found unqualified items include the purity of precious metals (content), identification and naming of jewels, diamond grading, total quality, markings, product labeling and other indications. new style Jewelry on sale should also pay attention to this issue.

Among them, the precious metal and jewelry jade jewelry markings, labels and other identifiers more prominent, spot checks found a total of 50 batches of products involved imprinted, product label unqualified, only imprinted or product label unqualified products have 47 batches . The main problems in the imprint part of the lack of manufacturers code, marking the purity of non-standard, the lack of precious metal material name, no imprint, tag label part of the material name label is not correct, the name of the jewelry label is not standardized. It is worth mentioning that the operation also found that one batch of samples involved in the purity of non-conforming products, as well as 2 batches of silver jewelry, 1 platinum jewelry, 6 gold and gold alloy jewelry, the total quality of unqualified.

In response to spot checks found in product quality problems, the Municipal Market Authority has been based on the relevant laws and regulations of the unqualified products manufacturers, operators to be addressed. Jewelry design supplier China said that members of the public to buy precious metals and jewelry jade products, to choose a reputable large shopping malls and brand stores to buy, purchase should carefully check the product identification and certification, for no proof of inspection of goods or items Incomplete goods, it is recommended to authorize the first testing agency authorized to buy. At the same time, the purchase of precious metal products to check the imprint, a complete and clear precious metal product imprint is the protection of the quality of goods, but also an important basis for the protection of rights, but also to deal with the purchase of jewelry jade precious metal complex scales in order to confirm the goods.